100 Leading Ladies aims to:

  • Celebrate the diverse achievements of some of the UK’s most influential senior women across a variety of industries
  • Record the story of an interesting period of social change in modern history
  • Counterbalance celebrity culture and champion the overlooked female role models who have shaped Britain
  • Encourage young girls and women to fulfill their potential
  • Offer an intimate look into the conflicting issues that women face in balancing work and family life
  • Ignite discussion and raise questions about attitudes to leadership, education, gender diversity and senior management in the workplace today
  • To bring men into the conversation
  • Inspire a change of culture in the workplace

Today's students have a very different idea of what lives are possible for women than their parents and grandparents did. They are told they can be anything they want to be, regardless of gender, and are used to seeing women in certain kinds of leadership roles.

But what is not clear to them, or indeed to others of many ages and stages, is how these women at the top got to where they are, and how to follow in their footsteps as well as how to work towards a fair and balanced workforce.

There are many lessons to be learnt from the women that make up 100 Leading Ladies, and one of our key aims is to spread this wisdom, stimulate thought, discussion and exploration of the issues raised by the project.

This is much more than career guidance and represents an invaluable educational resource. Pieced together, the portraits tell living stories of a whole cultural shift over the past fifty years – a history as told by the women who lived it. Each woman's words and image tells a story bigger than that of her job alone. It is the story of what has made her the whole person that she is – her family, her background, her work and how each has affected the other.

It is our intention to give students, teachers, educators, corporations and organisations full access to these stories through as many means as possible, preserving and enlivening the educational legacy of this project.


Over the past few years, Nancy Honey has been invited to speak about 100 Leading Ladies across England and in Cyprus.


Eversheds Sutherland
University of Westminster Business School
Hogan Lovells 100 Leading Ladies Dinner
Barclays Women’s Initiative Network Events
Linklaters Woman’s Network
Institute of Directors/International Women's Forum
Addidi Wealth Management


Bradford Grammar School
Southampton Solent University
Kingston University
University of Westminster
The Girls’ Network
Brighton Community College
Farnborough College of Technology

Award Ceremonies & Networks

British Association of Women in Policing Awards
This Woman’s Work Festival