100 Leading Ladies celebrates the 4th anniversary of its book launch and exhibition opening at Somerset House in October 2014. 100 Leading Ladies is a photographic project featuring portraits of influential senior women in Britain.

Over the course of two years, award-winning international photographer Nancy Honey endeavoured to photograph 100 of Britain’s most respected women over the age of 55; from academics to entrepreneurs, fashion designers to composers. The Leading Ladies all share one thing in common: they are leading figures in their fields and have defied gender stereotypes.

Honey invited each woman to select a place of inspiration for their portrait setting, affording the viewer further insight into the lives, personalities and character of these admirable women.

The 100 Leading Ladies book, which features all of these captivating portraits, is complimented by insightful interviews conducted by former Times journalist Hattie Garlick. This is the lasting legacy of the work.

‘In my own lifetime I have witnessed a profound shift: from little girls imagining their future as marriage and children to the now total belief from childhood that a woman will grow up to have a career outside the home. It is more important than ever to see the important women from all fields in our society and hear their voices of experience.’


One hundred women, one hundred portraits, one hundred unique stories to inspire and pioneer a vision for women of the future.